Post 38 - Pulaski County, Kentucky


Current year 7/1/2021 - 6/30/2022


Commander - Donnie Glover

1st Vice - Gary Keller

2nd Vice - Joe Bill

Finance Officer - Tony Brooks

Adjutant - Roy Messenger

Service Officer - John Garner

Chaplain - Clarence Floyd

Judge Advocate - Eddie Montgomery

Sgt. at Arms - Mark Daniels



Donnie Glover

Gary Keller

Joe Bill

Tony Brooks

Roy Messenger

Steve Cowen

Dean Collins

Eugene Lipps

David Eggers

Cheryl Frietch

Thomas Hogan

The Executive Committee shall consist of six (6) duly elected members in addition to the following Post Officers:  Commander, 1st Vice Commander, 2nd Vice Commander, Adjutant and Finance Officer. 





POST COMMANDER:  It shall be the duty of the Post Commander to preside at all meetings of the Post and to have general supervision over the business and affairs of the Post, and such officer shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Post.  He shall approve all orders directing the disbursement of funds and shall make an annual report covering the business of the Post for the past year, and recommendations for the ensuing year, which shall be read at the annual meeting and a copy thereof immediately forwarded to the Department Adjutant.  He shall perform such other duties as directed by the Post.

1ST VICE COMMANDER:  The 1st Vice Commander shall assume and discharge the duties of the office of Commander in the absence or disability of, or when called upon by the Post Commander.  The 1st Vice Commander is responsible for the membership program of the Post and should work and support the Post membership Chairman at all times.

2ND VICE COMMANDER:  The 2nd Vice Commander is primarily responsible for the various Post functions that occur during the year.  In the event that both the Commander and the 1st Vice Commander are not present, he will preside over the Post during that time.

POST ADJUTANT:  The Adjutant shall have charge of and keep a full and correct record of all proceedings of all meetings, keep such records as the Department and National Organizations may require, render reports of membership annually or when called upon at a meeting, and under direction of the Commander and Executive Committee, handle all correspondence of the Post.

FINANCE OFFICER:  The Finance Officer of the Post shall have charge of all finances and see that they are safely deposited in a local bank or banks approved by the Post Executive Committee and shall give a report once a month to the Executive Committee on the condition of the finances of the Post, with such recommendations as he may deem expedient or necessary for raising funds with which to carry on the activities of the Post.  He shall sign all checks disbursing the moneys of the Post.  He shall furnish such surety bonds in such sum as shall be fixed by the Post Executive Committee.  He shall assure that all checks have dual signatures.  He shall prepare a monthly financial report disclosing all expenditures and current balance of cash on hand.  This report shall be posted on all bulletin boards in the Post prior to each monthly meeting for the membership to review.

SERVICE OFFICER:  The Post Service Officer is responsible for bringing to the attention of all veterans and their dependents the rights and benefits granted them by law.  He must know how to utilize the expert services available through Legion channels, as well as those of other agencies in his community.  His is the job of getting information to the full-time professionals to make certain that every veteran and his dependents are adequately represented.  He will serve as Chairman of the Veterans affairs and rehabilitation or service committee and work closely with children and youth committee, and the hospital visitation personnel.

POST HISTORIAN:  The Post Historian shall be charged with the individual records and incidents of the Post and Post Members, and shall perform such other duties as may properly pertain to the office as may be determined by the Post or the Executive Committee.  The Historian is not an automatic member of the Executive Committee.

POST CHAPLAIN:  The Post Chaplain shall be charged with the spiritual welfare of the Post comrades and will offer divine but non-secterian service in the event of dedications, funerals, public functions, etc., adhere to such ceremonial rituals as are recommended by the National or Department Headquarters from time to time.  The Post Chaplain should not get involved in political situations within the Post.

SERGEANT AT ARMS:  The Sergeant At Arms shall preserve order at all meetings and shall perform such other duties as may be from time to time assigned to him by the Post Executive Committee.  The Sergeant At Arms is not a member of the Executive Committee.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  The Post Executive Committee shall hire such employees as may be necessary; shall authorize and approve all expenditures; shall require adequate bonding from all persons having the custody of Post funds; shall hear the reports of post committee chairman; and generally, shall have charge of and be responsible for the overall management of the affairs of this Post.  

All requests for funds and/or donations shall be presented to the Executive Committee prior to presentation to the general membership.