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Why Veterans Are Special

          War is something we all hear about, but we fail to comprehend.  It’s a violent practice that is won, not by weapons, but by soldiers.  There have been a great many wars in the history of The United States of America, and these loyal, hard-working and aging soldiers have come to be called veterans.  The veterans are memorable, worthy of our praise and contemplation.  In our appreciation of their brave service, we recognize that war veterans are of a special group.

          When a war starts, many are afraid.  Many of our veterans were afraid as well, but they answered the call of duty, and rose up to fight for our nation.  Many had to endure hunger, loss, pain and desperation, but still they fought and won the wars.  They are special because of their dedication and self-sacrifice that was needed to aid America in those violent times.  Though they are now older and frail, we acknowledge their service and do well to remember them.  Why should we?  We do so because they are our history, our real-life heroes and models for the nation.  Though we may be afraid in the future, we must remember the veterans and imitate their noble actions.

          We now realize why veterans are special.  They dedicated themselves to defending our nation, at great risk.  Furthermore, they endured many hardships that we could never understand.  They set a glowing example for the youth who rise in their shadow, in their bravery and servitude.  Finally, we see that they are not ordinary – they are real-life heroes that have shielded the American people from powerful threats.  Now and forever, we want to remember veterans and always believe in one fact – veterans are very special